Book Share: This is Love

Author: @zannilouise
Illustrator: @sasha.haddad.illustrations
Publisher: @affirmpress(2023)⁠

Wishing you all ‘Oodles of love’ today and always!

It’s fitting to begin my first book share with a picture book by Zanni Louise. If it weren’t for her and Anna Pignataro’s Picture Book Writing and Illustration course, I may not have explored my passion for picture books. Through this course, I began to examine children’s books with greater detail. Paying close attention to the carefully selected words and the story structure. I was particularly struck by how the illustrations complement the narrative, elevating it and allowing for moments where the illustrations speak for themselves, leaving the words to take a step back. My love affair with children’s literature was truly solidified. Thank you Zanni and Anna. ⁠

‘This is Love’ is a joyful celebration of love in all its forms. With simple, rhyming verses and charming illustrations, author Zanni Louise and illustrator Sasha Haddad have created a book that is sure to warm the hearts of young readers and adults alike. ⁠

The message of the book is clear. Love is everywhere and can be found in even the smallest moments and objects in our lives. From the love we have for our family and friends, to the love we have for our pets and favourite possessions, this book encourages readers to cherish and share love with others.⁠


Valentines Picture Book written by Zanni Louise Valentines Picture Book written by Zanni Louise